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Vocal Class

This class provides a carefully balanced music program emphasizing musical growth, encouraging creativity, and teaching simple musical elements such as rhythm, tone, and beat. A wide selection of songs, activities, and dance moves are used to introduce memory, rhyming, and sounds. Children also explore music using an assortment of musical instruments.

Art Class

This art-based class is dedicated to hands-on creative experiences and artistic expression. The program exposes children to a variety of materials and mediums, allowing them to make connections to the world around them through visual references: color, shape, size, pattern, line, composition. Children have the opportunity to explore while making meaning.

Dance Class

The fusion of art, music, exercise, and movement makes our dance program special. Classes allow preschoolers to develop fine and gross motor skills while having fun physically. Children learn songs, stories, and creative movements while practicing body control, safety, participation, and cooperation. These classes will help children to appreciate a love for dancing at a young age.

Keyboad Class

This exciting piano program features one on one lesson in a child-centered format. Children will develop musical literacy with sound performance skills to create happy and competent musicians. They will learn the basic skills of reading music and the various ranges musical pieces can be played in. By starting at a young age, students develop real mastery of the piano.Read More

There are many benefits for students who practice piano in their early years. Many studies have shown that children who take lesson in early childhood have increased concentration skills and coordination. It develops fine motor skills and complex thought process. Building and playing music allows them to think both critically and creatively. We also provide opportunity in stage programs and annual celebrations.


We’ll Make Your Child to be a Better Reader, Writer, Listener & Speaker in English within 3 Months

    Uniqueness of our phonics program

  • Our phonics program can be used by children as young as 4 years old learning to read for the first time. Our lessons ensure that your child has the necessary sound recognition skills to excel in our phonics program.
  • Our lessons are highly interactive, providing immediate feedback and positive reinforcement – critical elements in generating good learning outcomes with 4-5 year olds.
  • Phonics is understanding how letters are used to make sounds and words. Kids learn to ‘sound out’ words and begin reading.
  • In our phonics program, kids will enjoy number of activities, systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken words.

Who can attend this program?

  • 1 Our program is suitable for kids in kindergarten to grade 5
  • 2 This program is suitable for slow learners, slow writers, children with reading & spelling problems. This program helps your children build good study habits and excel in school.

Pre & Post Assessment of the child

We use the assessment to create a customized learning program for your child. We assess your child before commencing the program and after the completion of the program.

We review your child in regular interval during the program and feedback will be provided on the basis of their performance.

Kids will be placed in lessons at their skill & grade level, avoiding the boredom and frustration associated with lessons that are too easy or too hard.


In our phonetics program, kids, including preschoolers and kindergarten students, learn to: recognize individual sounds in a word identify the same sounds in different words recognize which word in a set of three or four words has the “odd” sound listen to a sequence of separately spoken phonemes, then combine the phonemes to form a word break a word into its separate sounds recognize the word that remains when a phoneme is removed from another word make a new word by adding a phoneme to an existing word substitute one phoneme for another to make a new work


Our Program is designed for the whole brain development of and every child.this program is helpful for proper functioning of right and left hemisphere of the brain. When children manipulate the beads of the Abacus, communication between the hands and the brain stimulates the brain’s right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere – abstract side – creates an image memory of the beads on the Abacus while the left hemisphere – logical side – applies the requisite rules to perform the calculation.

Flexible schedule Friendly, energetic, highly-qualified course instructors Individual attention customized for each child orientation session for parents Regular updates to parents on their child’s progress Certificates awarded at the successful completion of each level


In our handwriting program, we discuss about the child’s problem and requirements. Handwriting will be assessed by our expert. We will inform you what’s need to be improved. You will surely get the assurance of improvement. We will suggest the proper course and the reason for it.

We will teach your child to
  • correct Hand movements while writing.
  • keep the Books or Pads while writing.
  • suggest about correct Size of Writing to be maintained.
  • learn Speed Writing / Fast Writing
  • write all the letters correctly and scientifically.
  • join all the difficult word combinations and their connectivity
  • correct Slant of Writing to use.
  • write correct Shape of Letters and Words.
  • write faster and neat in Tests and Exams.

Spoken English

Spoken English courses cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, reading and writing in English, including grammar and literature skills. It helps.

to improve communicative competence of the students to enable the students to acquire phonetic skills required for oral skills to give ear training to students to help them to listen sounds which are not there in their regional languages to acquaint the students with the phonological structure of modern English to orient the students to word accents and speech rhythm and spoken English to enable the students to converse in their life situations to train the students to use English for the practical purposes

Assignments / Home Work

The Handwriting Improvement Techniques require practice. Practice at our absence as to assess how best they are following the techniques on their own, at home. Hence, the students will be given Assignments at every class to do at home. They may have to spare at least half an hour daily. The Secret to improvement is Practice, Practice and Practice.

Sports Programs

Karate Class/Kung Fu

This martial arts discipline develops focus, respect, and interpersonal skills. Children learn about themselves and others while respecting the body, mind, and spirit. These karate essentials teach children the importance of becoming thoughtful and ethical members of the community, providing the understanding for how to be successful students and citizens.

Yoga Class

This class is a wonderful way for children to experience yoga as a means of self-expression through poses, breathing, visualization, and games. Yoga helps build confidence and awareness, giving youngsters a way to express feelings, become aware of tension and relaxation, and increase coordination and flexibility in safe, gentle ways.

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